Reminiscing about Iran

Watching Samira Ahmed’s Art of Persia television series on BBC Four has been an utter delight. Not just to learn more about the history of Persia and the incredible impact the empire has had on the world and today, but it has taken me back to so many pleasant memories of Iran. I look backContinue reading “Reminiscing about Iran”

Ingredients in Persian cooking

Some of my fondest memories of Iran are standing in my grandmother’s kitchen learning all about the ingredients of certain dishes. Smelling the dried limes going into a bubbling stew and watching saffron slowly being infused into a riot of colour in hot water. Food is an incredibly important part of Iranian culture and localsContinue reading “Ingredients in Persian cooking”

Traditional Desserts in Iran

Iran is known for its meaty kebabs from chicken joojoeh to koobideh, mince meat. But what about after? When the samovar is bubbling away releasing hot, steaming chai, tea, think about satisfying your sweet tooth and tuck into one of these desserts.  Bastani Akbar Mashti  The most well-known type of ice cream in Iran, thisContinue reading “Traditional Desserts in Iran”

The Traditional Musical Instruments of Iran

Music is embedded into the Iranian nation. Played in restaurants, at weddings and occasionally in the street, the sweet sound of Persian music rings through the country. Iran’s history with music is long-lived. Dating back to the Elamite era, 800 BCE, the music of Iran has always been a firm form of expression. Although IranContinue reading “The Traditional Musical Instruments of Iran”

The Door to a Lesser Side of Iran

“We don’t just have Muslims and mosques in Iran,” grins my guide, Saeed, revealing the gaps in his teeth and a deep river of wrinkles around his mouth. His dark grey shirt clings to his body in the blaze of overwhelming heat as he pushes open the time-worn door of the Vank Cathedral.  It standsContinue reading “The Door to a Lesser Side of Iran”

A Slower Pace to Cook

With a looming lockdown and uncertainty of when we can travel again, there’s been a sudden need to adapt to this brand new way of life. There’s no rush, no immediacy, no desperate need to have to be somewhere. We are more laid-back, plodding on at a steady speed and are simply savouring being atContinue reading “A Slower Pace to Cook”

Best UNESCO Heritage Sites in Iran

With a growing list of over twenty UNESCO Heritage Sites, there are a range of landmarks to discover in Iran. You can walk around majestic ancient ruins or soak up the rich history of the Qajar dynasty to name a few. Here is a guide to the five best UNESCO spots in Iran for someContinue reading “Best UNESCO Heritage Sites in Iran”

Welcome to Iran – A World Premiere

Stratford East in London will be presenting a new production this spring. From the 18th April–16th May, Welcome to Iran will be on its stage. The show is about Ava, a British Iranian in her twenties. After her father passes away, she travels to Iran to discover her past, heritage and culture.  She delves deepContinue reading “Welcome to Iran – A World Premiere”

Q&A with Writer Lois Pryce

Author Lois Pryce spent two months riding on a motorcycle in Iran. She covered 3000 miles of the country in 2013 and 2014. She documented her travels in her third book, Revolutionary Ride, which was published in 2017. She has a never-ending love for Iran. Learning so much about the country and meeting the warmContinue reading “Q&A with Writer Lois Pryce”

The Edinburgh Iranian Festival Returns

The Edinburgh Iranian Festival will be returning from 6–12th March 2020. The theme for this year is ‘Gender and Freedom of Movement in Iranian Society’ featuring an impressive schedule of documentaries, short and feature films. Various filmmakers will be present ready to answer any questions after the screenings. The National Museum of Scotland is alsoContinue reading “The Edinburgh Iranian Festival Returns”