Ingredients in Persian cooking

Some of my fondest memories of Iran are standing in my grandmother’s kitchen learning all about the ingredients of certain dishes. Smelling the dried limes going into a bubbling stew and watching saffron slowly being infused into a riot of colour in hot water. Food is an incredibly important part of Iranian culture and localsContinue reading “Ingredients in Persian cooking”

The Rice Dishes of Iran

Rice is simply the centrepiece of any meal in Iran. Shovelled out of the pan, endless tall pyramids of fluffy grains stand tall for the table. Fiery strands of saffron may appear while specks of pale green broad beans pepper another. These are the different types of popular rice dishes in Iran.  Sholeh Zard NotContinue reading “The Rice Dishes of Iran”

A Slower Pace to Cook

With a looming lockdown and uncertainty of when we can travel again, there’s been a sudden need to adapt to this brand new way of life. There’s no rush, no immediacy, no desperate need to have to be somewhere. We are more laid-back, plodding on at a steady speed and are simply savouring being atContinue reading “A Slower Pace to Cook”