Another Iran – a look at the country, behind the headlines

Being half-Iranian, I have travelled back and forth from Iran many times. I relish in walking around the markets, sipping on black chai and smelling the fresh sabzi (herbs) that appear at the dinner table in a giant pile. This is the Iran I know and I love. A country full of warmth and light.

Sadly, watching the news and reading the headlines can often give a negative view of Iran. It’s usually presented as a country coated in black, and showcased as an angry, bitter land. But this is not how it looks on the inside, the real Iran. The country is full of colour, laughter and joy, and plenty of food and tea. I want to share this real Iran with readers, its culture, its history, its people, what makes Iran what it is. This is perhaps an alternative side to what you may have heard and read about before – welcome to another Iran.

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