Ingredients in Persian cooking

Some of my fondest memories of Iran are standing in my grandmother’s kitchen learning all about the ingredients of certain dishes. Smelling the dried limes going into a bubbling stew and watching saffron slowly being infused into a riot of colour in hot water. Food is an incredibly important part of Iranian culture and localsContinue reading “Ingredients in Persian cooking”

Traditional Desserts in Iran

Iran is known for its meaty kebabs from chicken joojoeh to koobideh, mince meat. But what about after? When the samovar is bubbling away releasing hot, steaming chai, tea, think about satisfying your sweet tooth and tuck into one of these desserts.  Bastani Akbar Mashti  The most well-known type of ice cream in Iran, thisContinue reading “Traditional Desserts in Iran”

A Slower Pace to Cook

With a looming lockdown and uncertainty of when we can travel again, there’s been a sudden need to adapt to this brand new way of life. There’s no rush, no immediacy, no desperate need to have to be somewhere. We are more laid-back, plodding on at a steady speed and are simply savouring being atContinue reading “A Slower Pace to Cook”

Persepolis – a trendy Iranian shop and restaurant in Peckham

28-30 Peckham High Street London SE15 5DT Open 10.35am-9pm daily Transport: Peckham Rye rail or 36 bus ________________________________________ No, not the ancient city in Iran, but the Iranian shop, café and restaurant in Peckham, London. This is a charming little spot in the south of the capital and is popular with both Iranians and LondonersContinue reading “Persepolis – a trendy Iranian shop and restaurant in Peckham”

Iran and the Aubergine

Some of my fondest memories of Iran involve food. Being in the kitchen and seeing how my grandmother would make a stew, smelling my aunt’s saffron rice and awaiting a skewer of famous ‘kubideh’ kebabs are just wonderful memories. The cuisine of Iran is beautiful, being full of spices and herbs, such as cardamon, turmericContinue reading “Iran and the Aubergine”

Heaps of Persian Rice

In the West, we are frequently reminded to be cautious with our diet. There are books, websites, television programmes and so on about what we should and should not eat. X has this health benefit, whilst eating too much of Y can be bad for you. We are advised to be careful with our carbohydrateContinue reading “Heaps of Persian Rice”