Writing Contest Endorsed By Hollywood Celebrity Looking For Diverse Travel Stories From All Cultures

Page Turner Awards believes that talented travel writers can come from any background, age, race, religion, or interest. Men, women and young adult travel writers, are invited to enter their fascinating stories of interesting life experiences into the 2022 awards. In particular, the awards judging panel is keen to discover unique voices from diverse cultures around the world. For the 2021 awards,Continue reading “Writing Contest Endorsed By Hollywood Celebrity Looking For Diverse Travel Stories From All Cultures”

An announcement!

Travel editor, Zara Sekhavati from London, was announced as the Writing Mentorship Award winner in the Page Turner Awards. This was announced at a glittering online ceremony, where Paul Michael Glaser, from Starsky and Hutch fame, was a special guest to announce the winners. The Page Turner Awards, sponsored by ProWritingAid and Campfire, offers authors, writers,Continue reading “An announcement!”

The Best Museums in Tehran

Many visitors skip Tehran and head immediately to enjoy the ancient city of Yazd or a stroll around the Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Esfahan, but the capital of Iran is home to a plethora of attractions. Coined “the city of museums”, here are the best of Tehran’s sprawling list. The National Jewellery Treasury The NationalContinue reading “The Best Museums in Tehran”

Reminiscing about Iran

Watching Samira Ahmed’s Art of Persia television series on BBC Four has been an utter delight. Not just to learn more about the history of Persia and the incredible impact the empire has had on the world and today, but it has taken me back to so many pleasant memories of Iran. I look backContinue reading “Reminiscing about Iran”

Best UNESCO Heritage Sites in Iran

With a growing list of over twenty UNESCO Heritage Sites, there are a range of landmarks to discover in Iran. You can walk around majestic ancient ruins or soak up the rich history of the Qajar dynasty to name a few. Here is a guide to the five best UNESCO spots in Iran for someContinue reading “Best UNESCO Heritage Sites in Iran”

Q&A with Writer Lois Pryce

Author Lois Pryce spent two months riding on a motorcycle in Iran. She covered 3000 miles of the country in 2013 and 2014. She documented her travels in her third book, Revolutionary Ride, which was published in 2017. She has a never-ending love for Iran. Learning so much about the country and meeting the warmContinue reading “Q&A with Writer Lois Pryce”

The Best Hikes in Iran

Iran is a country that enjoys four seasons year round. With that comes a plethora of outdoor activities to enjoy at various points throughout the calendar. One activity which you’ll be able to enjoy for the majority of the year is hiking. It is hugely popular throughout the country and there are numerous trails ofContinue reading “The Best Hikes in Iran”

Celebrating Omar Khayyam for World Poetry Day

Open 8am-9pm With World Poetry Day upon us on the 21st March, it seems only fitting to write a blog post about the great Persian poet, Omar Khayyam. Also famous for his contributions to mathematics and astronomy, Khayyam is well admired throughout Iran. Neishabur, one and a half hours away from Mashhad, sees the OmarContinue reading “Celebrating Omar Khayyam for World Poetry Day”

Snapp: The Iranian Version to Uber

If you have travelled in Iran, you will know that taxis are very much a popular mode of transport. Since 2000, the underground network has expanded, with six main lines carrying three million passengers everyday and thousands of buses transporting thousands of passengers. Even so, taxis are still one of the most popular modes ofContinue reading “Snapp: The Iranian Version to Uber”