The Best Museums in Tehran

Many visitors skip Tehran and head immediately to enjoy the ancient city of Yazd or a stroll around the Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Esfahan, but the capital of Iran is home to a plethora of attractions. Coined “the city of museums”, here are the best of Tehran’s sprawling list. The National Jewellery Treasury The NationalContinue reading “The Best Museums in Tehran”

Reminiscing about Iran

Watching Samira Ahmed’s Art of Persia television series on BBC Four has been an utter delight. Not just to learn more about the history of Persia and the incredible impact the empire has had on the world and today, but it has taken me back to so many pleasant memories of Iran. I look backContinue reading “Reminiscing about Iran”

The Traditional Musical Instruments of Iran

Music is embedded into the Iranian nation. Played in restaurants, at weddings and occasionally in the street, the sweet sound of Persian music rings through the country. Iran’s history with music is long-lived. Dating back to the Elamite era, 800 BCE, the music of Iran has always been a firm form of expression. Although IranContinue reading “The Traditional Musical Instruments of Iran”

The Door to a Lesser Side of Iran

“We don’t just have Muslims and mosques in Iran,” grins my guide, Saeed, revealing the gaps in his teeth and a deep river of wrinkles around his mouth. His dark grey shirt clings to his body in the blaze of overwhelming heat as he pushes open the time-worn door of the Vank Cathedral.  It standsContinue reading “The Door to a Lesser Side of Iran”

The Cypress Tree Book Review

This is as personal as a book can be. The Cypress Tree is a book about Kamin Mohammadi’s journey from her native land of Iran to London, and then back to Iran as a grown adult. The Cypress Tress is ideal as an introduction to Iranian culture, and it also gives a clear picture ofContinue reading “The Cypress Tree Book Review”

Persepolis – ‘The Persian City’

Address: Takht-e Jamshid Opening hours: 8am-5pm November-March, to 7pm April-October Cost: £3 Perespolis, literally ‘The Persian City’, is one of the most magnificent places you will see in Iran. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its incredible grandeur, history and uniqueness are all reasons to go for a visit. Persepolis is a locationContinue reading “Persepolis – ‘The Persian City’”