Best UNESCO Heritage Sites in Iran

With a growing list of over twenty UNESCO Heritage Sites, there are a range of landmarks to discover in Iran. You can walk around majestic ancient ruins or soak up the rich history of the Qajar dynasty to name a few. Here is a guide to the five best UNESCO spots in Iran for someContinue reading “Best UNESCO Heritage Sites in Iran”

The Best Parks and Gardens in Iran

As spring has just arrived, green spaces are rifer than ever in Iran. Playing a huge part in Iranian culture, the great outdoors is well loved by everyone throughout the country. Parks, and Persian gardens, are a big attraction, with a number of the latter being awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. Here is a guideContinue reading “The Best Parks and Gardens in Iran”

Persepolis – ‘The Persian City’

Address: Takht-e Jamshid Opening hours: 8am-5pm November-March, to 7pm April-October Cost: £3 Perespolis, literally ‘The Persian City’, is one of the most magnificent places you will see in Iran. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its incredible grandeur, history and uniqueness are all reasons to go for a visit. Persepolis is a locationContinue reading “Persepolis – ‘The Persian City’”

The Naqsh-e Jahan square میدان نقش جهان – Essential for any Itinerary in Iran

Esfahan is my favourite city in Iran. Grand, majestic and alluring. It is so appealing as it is so very green in comparison to other drier areas of the country like Mashhad. Esfahan has a certain charm and appeal that is hard to find elsewhere in Iran. It is a favourite destination for tourists and indeedContinue reading “The Naqsh-e Jahan square میدان نقش جهان – Essential for any Itinerary in Iran”