Ingredients in Persian cooking

Some of my fondest memories of Iran are standing in my grandmother’s kitchen learning all about the ingredients of certain dishes. Smelling the dried limes going into a bubbling stew and watching saffron slowly being infused into a riot of colour in hot water. Food is an incredibly important part of Iranian culture and localsContinue reading “Ingredients in Persian cooking”

Traditional Desserts in Iran

Iran is known for its meaty kebabs from chicken joojoeh to koobideh, mince meat. But what about after? When the samovar is bubbling away releasing hot, steaming chai, tea, think about satisfying your sweet tooth and tuck into one of these desserts.  Bastani Akbar Mashti  The most well-known type of ice cream in Iran, thisContinue reading “Traditional Desserts in Iran”

The Best Festivals in Iran

Festivals in Iran are a fantastic way to be immersed in Persian culture and a wonderful way to meet friendly locals. From celebrating the New Year to the end of Ramadan, here a handful of festivals to put in your diary. Nowruz  Nowruz, the Persian New Year literally translates as ‘new day’. A lot ofContinue reading “The Best Festivals in Iran”

The Rice Dishes of Iran

Rice is simply the centrepiece of any meal in Iran. Shovelled out of the pan, endless tall pyramids of fluffy grains stand tall for the table. Fiery strands of saffron may appear while specks of pale green broad beans pepper another. These are the different types of popular rice dishes in Iran.  Sholeh Zard NotContinue reading “The Rice Dishes of Iran”

The Persian Picnic

Tap, tap, tap, clink, clink, clink. Coppersmiths and metalworkers chip away at their material of choice in the Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Esfahan. The trickling sound of black tea emerges, hot and steaming from a traditional samovar. The call to prayer roars through the dusty streets of Mashhad followed by scurries of worshippers making theirContinue reading “The Persian Picnic”

A Slower Pace to Cook

With a looming lockdown and uncertainty of when we can travel again, there’s been a sudden need to adapt to this brand new way of life. There’s no rush, no immediacy, no desperate need to have to be somewhere. We are more laid-back, plodding on at a steady speed and are simply savouring being atContinue reading “A Slower Pace to Cook”

Alternative foods to try in Iran

The first thoughts of Iranian cuisine may conjure up images of layers of succulent kebab and heaps of fluffy rice. While this is a firm favourite for a typical Iranian meal, there is a whole host of other food options to try, which you may never have heard of. Halim  Breakfasts in Iran usually consistContinue reading “Alternative foods to try in Iran”

The Best Bazaars in Iran

The labyrinth of a bazaar is a riot for the senses. The smells catch your nostrils, the sounds tingle your eardrum and the tastes can take you to a place you’ve never discovered before. Iran is home to hundreds of sprawling bazaars, with each direction taking you on a different pathway and a different experience.Continue reading “The Best Bazaars in Iran”

Persian Restaurant and Bar Review – An affordable eat in Shoreditch

Persian Restaurant and Bar 148 Shoreditch High St London E1 6JQ Open: Mon-Thurs: 11.30am-2am Fri & Sat: 11.30am-4am Transport: Shoreditch High Street Overground or Old Street tube 020 7613 3277 If you’re looking for a genuine kebab without the grease during your Shoreditch lunch break, then head to Persian Restaurant and Bar. Aptly named, itContinue reading “Persian Restaurant and Bar Review – An affordable eat in Shoreditch”

Revisit to Persepolis in Peckham, London

28-30 Peckham High Street London SE15 5DT Open 10.35am-9pm daily Transport: Peckham Rye rail or 36 bus ________________________________________ A revisit to Persepolis in Peckham, London brought some new additions to the menu. Thrilled about my return to the southeast London restaurant, I opted for different foodie choices, eating a meze of dishes this time. ForContinue reading “Revisit to Persepolis in Peckham, London”