The Best Festivals in Iran

Festivals in Iran are a fantastic way to be immersed in Persian culture and a wonderful way to meet friendly locals. From celebrating the New Year to the end of Ramadan, here a handful of festivals to put in your diary. Nowruz  Nowruz, the Persian New Year literally translates as ‘new day’. A lot ofContinue reading “The Best Festivals in Iran”

The Edinburgh Iranian Festival Returns

The Edinburgh Iranian Festival will be returning from 6–12th March 2020. The theme for this year is ‘Gender and Freedom of Movement in Iranian Society’ featuring an impressive schedule of documentaries, short and feature films. Various filmmakers will be present ready to answer any questions after the screenings. The National Museum of Scotland is alsoContinue reading “The Edinburgh Iranian Festival Returns”

The Human Rights Festival Featuring the Iranian Film, Ava

The Human Rights Watch Festival is currently taking place at the Barbican Centre. I was delighted to discover that an Iranian film is going to be featured today, Ava. The piece is directed by Sadaf Foroughi who gives us a coming of age story of a teenage girl. Her life is dictated by the patriarchalContinue reading “The Human Rights Festival Featuring the Iranian Film, Ava”

The Sealed Soil Film Review

The Sealed Soil, (Khak-e Sar Bemohr in Farsi), by Iranian director Marva Nabili has received much praise from the San Remo and Berlin film festivals. It recently featured at the London Feminist Film Festival at the BFI Southbank. Nabili was there in person for a Q&A session too. The Sealed Soil has been compared toContinue reading “The Sealed Soil Film Review”