Persepolis Film Review

Persepolis could be the Iranian version of The Simpsons. Ten years after the film’s original release, it is still a fitting description for the animated piece. You have a rebellious teen as the central character, Marjane, with Bruce Lee as her hero, instead of Krusty the Clown. Marjane Satrapi, the Franco-Iranian artist, has created aContinue reading “Persepolis Film Review”

The Human Rights Festival Featuring the Iranian Film, Ava

The Human Rights Watch Festival is currently taking place at the Barbican Centre. I was delighted to discover that an Iranian film is going to be featured today, Ava. The piece is directed by Sadaf Foroughi who gives us a coming of age story of a teenage girl. Her life is dictated by the patriarchalContinue reading “The Human Rights Festival Featuring the Iranian Film, Ava”

Taxi Tehran Film Review – a wonderful ride through the capital of Iran

I was recently browsing through the BBC iPlayer film selection. Pleasantly surprised, I saw Taxi Tehran on their list. This had always been one of those Iranian films I had been meaning to watch, but not had the opportunity to. BBC, I thank you. Jafar Panahi, the director of Taxi Tehran, can be well praisedContinue reading “Taxi Tehran Film Review – a wonderful ride through the capital of Iran”

The Sealed Soil Film Review

The Sealed Soil, (Khak-e Sar Bemohr in Farsi), by Iranian director Marva Nabili has received much praise from the San Remo and Berlin film festivals. It recently featured at the London Feminist Film Festival at the BFI Southbank. Nabili was there in person for a Q&A session too. The Sealed Soil has been compared toContinue reading “The Sealed Soil Film Review”