The Edinburgh Iranian Festival Returns

The Edinburgh Iranian Festival will be returning from 6–12th March 2020. The theme for this year is ‘Gender and Freedom of Movement in Iranian Society’ featuring an impressive schedule of documentaries, short and feature films. Various filmmakers will be present ready to answer any questions after the screenings.

The National Museum of Scotland is also honouring the festival, with an event that will feature Iranian bagpipes, a film season at the Filmhouse, theatre shows and cookery classes. A “Nomads Tent” will also offer craft and fashion fairs with a huge range of books on offer. A host of other events will also take place during the festival. 

The opening ceremony of the festival on the 6th March will feature music from the all female band, Daf’O’Dills. They play the daf, a traditional instrument from Iran which is a large frame drum. There will also be a free drinks reception at the event, too.

Below are a list of events to watch out for: 

Finding Farideh 

The documentary was chosen to represent Iran for the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 92nd Academy Awards in 2020. It is about a Iranian girl who was adopted by a Dutch couple. Later in life, she wants to return to her motherland to find her biological parents. An emotional documentary, viewers get the chance to see northeast Iran, too, an area rarely shown on screen. This event is also followed by a Q&A.

Photography exhibition 

The theme of the Photography exhibition this year is movement. Photographers have searched Iran far and wide to snap pictures which show different forms of this subject. Laleh Sherkat will be curating the event, who is a founding member of the Iranian Press Photography Society. 

Tehran: City of Love 

Tehran: City of Love. Photograph: BFI

A firm film favourite, Tehran: City of Love documents the lives of various Tehranis.  Three main characters take the forefront – a body builder, a singer and a beauty clinic secretary. They are all searching for love and a connection in the capital.

For more information and the full schedule of the Edinburgh Festival, click  here.

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