Celebrating Omar Khayyam for World Poetry Day

Open 8am-9pm

With World Poetry Day upon us on the 21st March, it seems only fitting to write a blog post about the great Persian poet, Omar Khayyam. Also famous for his contributions to mathematics and astronomy, Khayyam is well admired throughout Iran.

Neishabur, one and a half hours away from Mashhad, sees the Omar Khayyam Tomb Complex. It is one of the main reasons why many travellers visit this part of the country. The tomb complex’s appearance is rather 1970s looking with its lozenges in diamond shapes and tiles with Khayyam’s words etched into them. Towards the top of the monument you will see how it curves with its use of overlapping marble.

The complex is a spot to take your time over and there is a tea room here for an afternoon pit stop where you can sample Neishabur’s crystallised sugar. After, take a look around the stalls where you can see the town’s finest handicraft – and that incredibly well-known turquoise.

After all that, wander around the garden, Bagh-e Mahrugh. In the southern section of the complex, you will find Imamzadeh-ye Mohammed Mahrugh, a domed mausoleum from the 16th century.

The Omar Khayyam Tomb Complex is an essential to see travelling around northeastern Iran. It is a wonderful place to really see the admiration Iran has for one of its finest icons. You may even hear random Iranians reciting Khayyam’s words around the complex too!

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