The Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque – مسجد شیخ لطف الله

The Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Esfahan is an impressive piece of architecture. Located on the Nasqh-e Jahan Square, the mosque is something not to be missed. Built between 1602 and 1619 during the reign of Shah Abbas I, it was later given to the ruler’s father-in-law, Sheikh Lotfollah, a scholar of Islam from Lebanon. TheContinue reading “The Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque – مسجد شیخ لطف الله”

The Iranian Nose

What is with the craze of nose surgery in Iran? Every other day, or in Tehran generally every day, you see somebody who has a plaster stuck over their nose. This means, according to fellow locals, that the person has recently undergone nose surgery. I find it interesting that people in Iran who have hadContinue reading “The Iranian Nose”

The Solo Female Traveller in Iran

When traveling alone, and particularly as a woman, one common question is ‘is it safe?’. With regards to Iran, I think anyone would ask themselves if it is safe, regardless of gender, due to the common perceptions of the country. Concerning Iran, I feel safe there as a woman. That answer may be biased basedContinue reading “The Solo Female Traveller in Iran”