A New Place to Ski

We all know where to ski in Europe. You go to France, Italy and Switzerland blah, blah, blah. But what about Iran? Iran, surprisingly or not, is becoming one of those secret skiing hotspots. Iran’s Dizin ski resort is under two hours from Tehran by car, and is becoming the brand new swanky Alps of the Middle East.

It’s during autumn when this place really goes into action with locals and tourists all taking their turns on the slopes. Iran, of course, doesn’t have the social and nightlife scene like you would get in Europe, so if you’re looking for the pubs of Switzerland or your French vin rouge here, sticking to Europe would be a good idea.

Iran presents a distinct skiing experience though. The typical Dizin ski season runs until late May because its base sits 9,000 feet above sea level. This makes it one of the 40 highest in the world, being much higher than many resorts in the Alps.

The quality of the snow is somewhat better in Iran too, with the resort facing north. The Dizin ski resort is also well recognised by the International Ski Federation and hosts a good number of global competitions. With reasonable prices of around £10-15 a day on the slopes, this place is a steal.

The uniqueness of skiing in Iran is further highlighted due to its added cultural experience. It’s so unique that you may even see a woman in her full burkha slipping and sliding down the slopes. Yes, you did read that right. This is more of a rare sight though, as women are not usually as covered up here as much, but if you do see that odd woman in her full burkha skiing – it’s fabulous. You wouldn’t really get that in western Europe, would you?

What I like about skiing in Iran is that it really is for everyone – women and men together in the Middle East. Many say that when you head to the mountains to ski, you are furthering yourself away from what you might typically see in Iran. There are not many photos of Ayatollah Khomeini there which are indeed are a very typical sight in central Tehran.

On the contrary, those young cool kids might even appear on the slopes in their shiny new cars showing off their money. This is somewhat less seen in the capital.

There are some rules and regulations though for example, the lifts are segregated with men and women going in different lines and gondolas aren’t allowed to be mixed sex either. The cafes however, are where everyone really mingles together, smoking cigarettes and downing coffees. There are also female musicians here and house music. Even writing this now, I think to myself, is this really Iran?

I would recommend going to ski in Iran for the slopes for sure, with its good-quality snow, high peaks and reasonable prices, but it is the alternative experience that I would go for. The fact that the Dizin ski resort is less than two hours from the capital and you get to see a different side to Iran. Men and women merging together and having a good time collectively over a drink and some live music. Now that is something alternative for Iran, for sure.

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