Welcome to Another Iran

Iran – by reading the name of that country, a couple of things may have come to mind. With recent headlines, they were probably all related to nuclear power. Being half-Iranian, having lived in Iran and by going there pretty much every summer of my life, I feel the need to write this blog. I myself love to write and love to travel yes, and that’s of course why I want to write this blog however, I feel there is some sort of urgency out there with writing about such a country.

Iran is a country so rich in history and culture and some of the most beautiful architecture in the world and these are the kinds of things that are sorely forgotten. Forgotten may not even be the right verb choice here. Omitted may be more appropriate. The wonders, glory and brilliance of this country is just hardly ever talked about. We see the news, not the culture, we hear the headlines, not the people. It seems as though if you listen to the news about Iran, you won’t like Iran. It appears to be as simple as that.

I want to share a different Iran with you, not the images the media try to bombard you with, not the headlines which try to scare you, not the perceptions people have of Iran who have never even set foot in the country. I was recently talking to friends who didn’t know a great deal about Iran and they just wanted to learn about it. They were never taught about that area of the world. It was a complete joy for me to talk about Iran and share and that is what this blog is about.

I want to write about the everyday Iran. I want people to discover what may be the unknown to them, elements about Iran that they may have never heard or read about. A different side to what they may be used to. I want to write about the places to visit, things to do, the stunning cuisine and more. I want to share an Iran beyond the headlines, a more unknown Iran, another Iran. And this to me is a great pleasure that I want to indulge in. So please join me in discovering what you could call a land mistaken and certainly, in my opinion, a place that is highly underrated. Have a Persian tea and date at the ready and enjoy…

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