Walking On String Film Review

Walking On String film featured at the UK Iranian Film Festival at the French Institut Français. Photograph: Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Walking On String has featured in the Iranian Film Festival in London this year at the Institut Français.

The unique film directed by Ahmadreza Motamedi, is a a story of a tanbur player who goes to the city in search of employment. Whilst there, his family friend’s daughter invites him to join an underground band. You see the band’s confidence and creativity as performers grow which is inspiring to see. The band then dream to have their own concert abroad and this becomes their ultimate goal. Preparing everything to leave Iran and with their success in music taking off, the musicians unknowingly get pulled into a sudden world of crime and so they can’t leave the country legally. As a result, their alternative journey to leave Iran begins.

The endearing aspect of Walking On String is its dominant use of music throughout the film. You hear and see some admirable performances throughout, which define the whole piece. The experiences that are shared between the characters in Walking On String add to their special story of such a close bond of friendship. Above all, it is their admiration for music that brings the group together and really shows on screen in this remarkable film.

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